Group Immersion

This Fall we invite you to FEEL FIT & FABULOUS by participating in a 5 week GROUP Immersion to reduce weight, increase energy, lower inflammation, improve lipid profile and lower insulin resistance

Group Immersion Features

  • 5 Week Plan to feel FIT and FABULOUS

  • Group and one-on-one meetings with MD

  • Lectures on Nutrition, Exercise, Stress management, Sleep…

  • Cooking Class

  • Online Group Support Sessions

  • Access to Members Area with recipes, videos, articles…

  • Metabolic and Biometric Assessment (Weight and Blood Pressure)

  • Pre and Post Labs (To assess lipid profile, A1c, Liver Function, Kidney Function included at no additional cost

  • Health Data Tracking

  • Mindfulness Meditation

  • Movement Classes
  • Plant-based Potluck

  • Optional Walk with a Doc Activity



Program Start: Saturday September 28th at 9AM at Lifestyle Docs Clinic

Introductory Lecture on Lifestyle Medicine and Food as Medicine

Metabolic and Biometric Testing


2nd Session: Saturday 10/5

9 AM: In-person Session Mindfulness Meditation

9:45AM:Lecture on Behavior Change and Nutrition


3rd Session: Wednesday October 9th at 7:30PM — Zoom Online Group Support Session

4th Session: Saturday October 12th at 11AM — Online Lecture on Nutrition


5th Session: Saturday October 19th

9AM: In person Session Mindfulness Meditation

9:45AM: Yoga/Movement Class

11AM: Cooking Class

12:15PM: Lecture on Movement Stress Management, and Sleep


6th Session: Wednesday October 23rd at 7:30PM — Zoom Online Group Support Session


7th Session: Sunday October 27th

11:30AM: Repeat Metabolic and Biometric Testing

12:15PM: In-person session General Review and Scheduling Individual Appointments

1PM: Plant-based Potluck


8th Session: One-on-One Meeting(online/in-person) with each participant to review lab and biometric results


NOTE: Program is only available to current patients of Embee Lifestyle Docs. Minimum of 3 participants for the inception of program. Maximum number allowed 8.

Ready to get started… Call 713 592 8900 or Schedule a free consult with our wellness coordinator today.