• NOVEMBER 4, 2019

    Alzheimer’s Dementia

    Alzheimer’s Disease or dementia (AD) is typically defined as a progressive brain disorder which slowly erodes memory and thinking skills. It is the most common cause of dementia in the US. There is initially damage to neurons, causing loss of communication between neurons and ultimately destruction of the neurons.  AD typically begins with memory loss,

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    • AUGUST 20, 2019

    Epigenetics part 1

      Let’s begin with a few definitions. Genetics is the study of all the hereditary material(DNA) in our cells. DNA is organized into unique sequences called genes and all of roughly 23000 genes that each human cell contains are neatly packaged in our cells into structures called chromosomes. Genes are responsible for traits such as

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    • JUNE 24, 2019

    7 Steps to Weight Loss

    7 Steps to Weight Loss, where should I begin my journey? Whenever you start a new endeavor, it’s important to know where you are, get an idea of the obstacles ahead, educate yourself so you are able to surpass the obstacles, devise a plan and try your best to execute it with fidelity. In this

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