Yoga & Movement Class

Hath Yoga

Join us on the first Saturday of the month  for a beginner-friendly Hath Yoga class healthy for the body and for the mind. We know that yoga can prevent illness and injury. But did you know that it can also help reduce the burden of several chronic issues such as arthritis, pain management, cardiovascular disease & even depression and anxiety.

Improve your flexibility, balance, strength and so much more with this yoga class.

Rotating Yoga & Movement Classes

We are restarting movement classes on the third Saturday of the month.          Jacinta, aka Kalyan Darshan will start the movement classes on third Saturday of November. In December Katie will do a virtual Hath Yoga session and we hope to continue a variety of movement classes as we move into 2022.

You can register for the movement classes for the third Saturday of the month below. These classes are free for individuals doing a Lifestyle Members program.

Upcoming Yoga Class

We are so happy to welcome back Meagan Terry for live in-person Hath Yoga Class at the Lifestyle Docs Clinic on the first Saturday of most months.                                              Suggested donation for this class is $10 which goes directly to the yoga teacher.

Date: 4/2/21
Time: 9:45AM
Location: Virtual


Upcoming Movement Class

We are excited to have Jacinta Brondgeest for a beginner friendly Kundalini Yoga class.

Date: 4/16/21
Time: 9:45AM
Location: Lifestyle Docs Clinic (4500 Bissonnet, Suite 355, Bellaire, TX 77401)