Healthy Mom–Healthy Baby Program

A unique program by Lifestyle Docs to optimize the health of the mom and the baby during pregnancy.

Using evidence-based tools of diet and lifestyle, we will co-create a personalized plan that not only improves the Epigenetics of the mom and the baby facilitating a healthy pregnancy but also fosters superior health habits resulting in long term benefits for the mom, baby and the entire family.

In efforts to make the pursuit of holistic health accessible to all, Lifestyle Docs                  biweekly guided Meditation, monthly community Potlucks and monthly                          Walk with a Doc events are free of charge.

Healthy Mom -- Healthy Baby

  • Personalized in person or online Prenatal or early natal Health Plan which includes 4 visits(8 wk program) or 6 visits(12 wk program) with Dr. M. Chawla
  • Weekly emails for continued guidance
  • Menus/meal plans to guide healthy choices
  • Access to Lifestyle Dashboard healthy & delicious recipes
  • Personalized exercise/movement regimen
  • Complimentary yoga, tai chi, and other movement classes, when available
  • 1 complimentary cooking class
  • Access to Lifestyle Dashboard videos, articles and studies related to health, nutrition and wellness
  • Laboratory and bio-marker assessment, if indicated
  • In-person and virtual group support sessions

Ready to get started… You may choose from a 8 week program or a more comprehensive 12 week program.

Cost: 8 week program $495;  12 week program $695