My Best Life

If you want to optimize nutrition, say goodbye to stubborn extra pounds, improve your fitness or safely discontinue medicines for conditions of high cholesterol, arthritis or irritable bowel... then this plan for You.

Lifestyle Docs will co-create a personalized diet and lifestyle plan that works with your unique body chemistry so you can achieve your healthiest Lifestyle at any age. Side effects include increased energy, improved digestion, higher quality sleep and greater zest for life.

My Best Life

  • Personalized Health Plan with visits every 3 weeks with Dr. M. Chawla or every month with Wellness coordinator
  • Bi-weekly emails for continued guidance

  • Access to Lifestyle Dashboard healthy & delicious recipes

  • Personalized 4 pillar Lifestyle Guide
  • Monthly in-person and virtual group support sessions

  • Complimentary yoga, tai chi, and other movement classes

  • 1 complimentary cooking class every 3 months of membership

  • Access to Lifestyle Dashboard videos, articles and studies related to health, nutrition and wellness

  • Pre & Post Biometric and Laboratory Assessment

In efforts to make the pursuit of holistic health accessible to all, Lifestyle Docs biweekly guided Meditation, monthly community Potlucks and monthly Walk with a Doc events are free of charge.

Ready to get started… Call 713 592 8900 or Schedule a free consult with our wellness coordinator today.

Note: My Best Life monthly subscription is typically available for individuals who have completed an immersion program at Lifestyle Docs.

One time 75-minute Consultation with Dr. M $295