Upcoming Events

Meditation: In-person and virtual for 2022

Introduction to Mindfulness Meditation, theory and practice. We are resuming in-person events in the clinic. For those of you who prefer joining us online, you have that option also.   To join the Online Guided Meditation, please click on the Zoom link below.

Upcoming Sessions: 8/6 and 8/20 at 9AM

Special and Unique meditation session on 8/6 at Blackshear Elementary School. We are combining meditation, Walk with a Doc, and Gardening event on 8/6. Gardening starts at 8AM and meditation will be at 9AM. You can still join the meditation online with the usual link.  Join Zoom Meeting  https://zoom.us/j/3925400245

Yoga & Movement Classes

Yoga and other Movement classes will be in person for 2022

8/6: Yoga will be replaced by the Gardening event at Blackshear Elementary for this Saturday

8/20 at 9:45AM: Join Meagan for beginner friendly Hatha Yoga at Lifestyle Docs Clinic

To learn more and register, click here

Lifestyle Docs Special Event

We are taking a pause on Special Events in 2022

Food and Nutrition Classes

In August, Karlina Mueller returns for an interactive cooking class at Lifestyle Docs Clinic on August 20th at 11AM.

Join us for this unique hands-on class. Karlina will show the participants how to make sushi. She will guide individuals on how to create delectable and unique rolls.

Walk With a Doc – In-person and virtual for 2022

Walk with a Doc is a walking program for everyone interested in taking steps for a healthier lifestyle. Enjoy a short talk on a variety of health and wellness topics and then walk at your own pace and have the opportunity to have questions answered by local physicians. Schedule for 2022: Second Saturday of the Month. In August, we are combining Walk with a Doc with Gardening and Meditation at Blackshear Elementary School. We will do a wellness talk followed by working in the school garden.

Upcoming Dates: Saturday, August 6th, 8:00 AM.  Join us at Blackshear Elementary School at 2900 Holman, 77004.

Patient and Community Potluck

In person Potluck in June will be on 8/28 at 1pm at Lifestyle Docs Clinic

Bring your favorite plant-based dish and try dozens of other healthy and delicious culinary creations.

Leah’s Cooking Classes:

More information coming soon

Medically Shared Appointment/Group Session  — On Hold

Every third Friday of the month Lifestyle Docs will host an in-clinic medically shared appointment/group support session with Q & A and brief cooking Demo. This activity is open to all Lifestyle Docs Patients. Please, call 713-592-8900 to learn more and sign up. If you are enrolled in an Immersion or My Best Health Program, you may register by clicking here.

Upcoming In-Clinic Shared Appointment/Group support session
Date:  Every 3rd Friday of the month.


Grocery Store Tour

Learn how to meal prep quickly and shop for healthy meals at any grocery store. Grocery store tours focus on either simple meal preparation with healthy ingredients for those who eat by the day, or on preparing larger meals for those who cook for the week to ensure long term success moving forward. Please call for more information.

By Appointment Only