Medical Weight Loss (Online)

Your journey to better health and sustainable weight loss begins here

Holistic, Effective, Personalized

  • We offer a holistic approach to weight loss
  • Our medical weight loss program is evidenced based, highly effective and sustainable
  • We will help you co-create a personalized plan that works


Our programs are affordable and designed for sustainable weight loss.


We provide the education and support you need to succeed.


We want you to not just lose weight but be healthy and vibrant.

Some of the Features of our Weight Loss Program

  • Personalized ONLINE Weight Loss Plan

  • 12 week immersion into a Healthy and Sustainable Lifestyle

  • Biweekly online one-on-one meetings with Physician or Wellness Coordinator

  • Pre and Post Weight and Biometric Assessment

  • Phone and text support weekdays 9A -9P

  • Meal Plans for Weeks 1-4 and continued dietary guidance

  • Customized Exercise/Movement Regimen


At Lifestyle Docs Guided Meditation, Monthly Potlucks and Walk with a doc events will remain free of charge and are encouraged for all individuals.

  • Member access to Meal Plans and healthy and delicious Recipes

  • Member access to Lectures/Videos related to Health & Wellness

  • Virtual group support sessions

  • Online Guided Meditation sessions

  • Fellowship with a healthy and supportive community

  • Unlimited online Cooking Classes for 12 week Immersion patients

  • Connection with local resources when available