Primary Care

Dr. Bandana Chawla is board certified in Internal Medicine. She has provided routine primary care to the Houston community for over 20 years. Our clinic will continue to provide the following services.

Primary Care for adults
Annual exams, sport physicals
Well woman exams
Rx of flu and pneumonia
Allergy and Asthma
Acid reflux
Abdomen pain, Irritable Bowel
Arthritis, Joint pain
Preventive Care



Medical Weight Loss

At lifestyledocs, we want you to be healthy and vibrant. Being overweight and obese is not just a cosmetic issue. It carries serious health consequences which can rob us of good health and longevity. As you are no doubt aware, fad diets and using “willpower” to cut  calories are not a long term solution for weight loss.

We will help you co-create a personalized weight loss plan which is not only sustainable but doable. Our plan is holistic, evidenced based, and highly effective.

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Disease Reversal

More information coming soon