Your Personal Health Depends on the Health of the Planet

Date: April 10th, Saturday at 11A – 12P


Join us for this informative and much needed seminar. They will discuss the urgent environmental threats we are facing and how these can impact our personal health.

Dr. Sofia Pineda-Ochoa is a practicing physician in Houston, Texas. Originally from Guadalajara, Mexico, Sofia completed her medical training at UT Medical Branch in Galveston where she recived the Robert B. White Award for Clinical Excellence. She is the narrator and maker of the documentary Endgame 2050 and is the co-founder of Meat Your Future, website dedicated to make health-related nutritional information accessible to the general public. The website also raises awareness on the ethical and environmental consequences of animal agriculture.

Robert B. Rapfogel is a practicing corporate attorney in Houston, Texas with law degree from the University of Southern California. He is a superb photographer and a videographer and producer of the brilliant documentary Endgame 2050. Bob along with his wife co-founded Meat Your Future and is dedicated to raising awareness on environmental crisis we all currently face.


NOTE: This is a free online seminar but Registration is required. You may register by filling out the short form to the left.