Paola resolved her Irritable Bowel.

“For years I struggled with chronic abdominal pain, nausea and bloating seeing multiple doctors without getting an answer and living with pain as if it were normal. Completing the holistic program with Lifestyle Docs not only resolved my gut issues but also helped me build, little by little, sustainable healthy habits around eating, exercise and mindfulness. The ROI is infinite. This has been the best investment I’ve made in years!”

Madison reversed her Fibromyalgia

“For years I suffered chronic daily pain, pain that a child should not experience. I was fortunate enough to be the first fibromyalgia patient to work with Lifestyle Docs to reverse this debilitating disease. With their help, I’ve gained control over my pain, my weight, and became empowered to regulate my health. Working with the team gave me a new, optimistic outlook on life! In fact, even though I’m only 13, I’ve been working on a gaining a nutritional certification.”

Stephen is free from Ulcerative Colitis

“I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis in 2012. For years, I battled this disease with antibiotics and procedures, thinking this would be my life now. When my colitis flared up in the summer of 2020, I felt defeated. My wife and I heard about the Chawla’s through a mutual friend and I signed up for their immersion program. Not very far into the program, my symptoms began to subside. I was shocked. Now having completed this program, completely free of UC symptoms, I have never felt better. Not only is my health better, but my marriage and my work life is better. There’s no word to describe how thankful I am for Dr. Munish and Dr. Bandana. We have finally found our true doctors.”

Annie discovered holistic health

“Eating whole food plant based for the past 9 years, I didn’t think there was much more to learn about nutrition. Well, I was wrong!! Dr. Chawla provided me not only with drastic changes to my diet but also equipped me with knowledge on how to heal my body through other mechanisms besides nutrition. These are things I will do for the rest of my life. His program has drastically reduced my pain and inflammation. Furthermore, he willingly provided support during non-office hours. I am so grateful for his service and highly recommend the program to anyone in need of healing.”