Virtual Seminar — Stress Management

Journaling for Emotional Intelligence: 

Date: August 29th, Saturday at 11AM – 12PM


How to Increase your Emotional Strength and Life Satisfaction through Journaling

Emotions are tricky. While they are not a physical item you can hold, they do have the power to disrupt our lives and create a hold on us. These holds manifest into poor physical health, unbalanced eating, disruptive relationships, poor self-confidence, a lack of self-worth…the list goes on. The truth is you have a choice. you can learn to mange your emotions or allow your feelings to control you.

Join Danielle A. Vann, a Cognitive Behavioral Therapist, Mindfulness Coach, NLP Practitioner, and certified Life Coach, as she guides you through understanding what your emotions are and what they are trying to show you. Plus, we’ll dive into the Wise Mind, emotional opposites, how to uncover your triggers, and learn how and why journaling can help you reach your highest emotional wellbeing. An interactive journal will be provided for those that register.