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Welcome to Lifestyle Docs

Lifestyle Docs, a Holistic Lifestyle Medicine and Internal Medicine(primary care) Clinic

Lifestyle Medicine–evidenced based medical specialty which uses lifestyle as the initial tool to treat and often reverse chronic diseases. Dr. Bandana Chawla and Dr. Munish Chawla are both board certified in Lifestyle Medicine.

  • At Lifestyle Docs, we offer a holistic approach to health.  We want to empower you to take control of your own health and facilitate the change to a healthier more vibrant you.
  • Personalized plan to start you on your unique journey to health and wellness. Education, guidance and support to help you stay on track.
  • Unique services such as cooking demos, yoga classes, guided meditation, guest speaker series and group support sessions to keep you engaged and motivated.


Erin discovered grit and grace

“Here’s to good health practices and how I came to develop mine: I knew I could not continue self-medicating and living my life as a significantly heavy person but I also didn’t have the tools to manage the road blocks I continuously ran into, trying to live healthier, either. When I came upon The China Study, I knew I found a terrific tool. This led me to Forks Over Knives and other documentaries teaching me how to switch to a plant-based diet. Weight started coming off and I felt an amazing energy that sustained me all day as an elementary teacher, which I had not felt since college. As in all journeys, plateaus come and even some discouragement. I felt that plant based wasn’t working as well for me anymore. But I still felt great, so I decided to research more and find more tools. Fine-tuning my lifestyle with the Chawla’s was the exact tool I needed. Helping me see more consistently health for the whole individual as well as being Whole Foods plant based does make a significant difference, breaking plateaus and yielding wonderful results! 140 pounds lighter and with better blood work results, I couldn’t be more grateful for such tools, people, and doctors who want our success in this uphill journey. Grit and grace wins the race! “

Jacob reversed his Diabetes

“What may seem impossible is entirely possible. Entrusting my health and life to the brilliant Doctors of Lifestyle Docs has changed my life forever. They managed to save my life. I am optimistic to see the many wonders they can do for others.”

Katie found peace, joy & health

“After my husband reversed his ulcerative colitis working with Lifestyle Docs, I decided to do an immersion program. Although my reasons were not an autoimmune disease, they were severely disrupting my life (panic attacks, sleep disorder, adult acne, depression, unbearable menstrual cycles). I learned so much science about food & exercise, but especially the mental component of healing. I am in love with the food I eat. I am sleeping at night now, and have endless energy to exercise and move my body. I have found connection to myself and others which bring me much joy. My mental toolbox is full of wonderful tools to relieve stress and bring some peace throughout each day. I’m so thankful for this program, Dr. B and Dr. M Chawla”

To learn more about our medical weight loss and disease reversal programs email us at admin@lifestyledocs.com OR schedule your free consult by clicking on the button below.


Lifestyle Docs, Drs. Bandana and Munish Chawla are      WFPB Certified


Important Covid-19 Update

We are continuing to monitor updates from the CDC. We are committed to your health and will remain open for routine check-ups and yearly physicals. All patients that come to clinic must follow the Lifestyle Docs Covid-19 Policies. Click Covid-19 Updates for the latest updates from Lifestyle Docs.

NOTE: At this time, we will NOT be seeing patients with cough, fever and other flu like symptoms at the clinic but we will continue to see them via Telemedicine.

If you are an established patient with Lifestyle Docs, Please, click Schedule Now for an In-Clinic or Online appointment with Dr. Bandana Chawla.                                      For new patients, click this link: New Patient