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Welcome to Lifestyle Docs

Lifestyle Docs, a Holistic Lifestyle Medicine and Internal Medicine(primary care) Clinic

Lifestyle Medicine–evidenced based medical specialty which uses lifestyle as the initial tool to treat and often reverse chronic diseases. Dr. Bandana Chawla and Dr. Munish Chawla are both board certified in Lifestyle Medicine.

  • At Lifestyle Docs, we offer a holistic approach to health.  We want to empower you to take control of your own health and facilitate the change to a healthier more vibrant you.
  • Personalized plan to start you on your unique journey to health and wellness. Education, guidance and support to help you stay on track.
  • Unique services such as cooking demos, yoga classes, guided meditation, guest speaker series and group support sessions to keep you engaged and motivated.


Suryabala lost weight and gained health

“After multiple failed self-attempts to correct a number of health issues for years, I finally turned to Lifestyle Docs and Dr. M for support. His continuous guidance over the last few months of the immersion program has helped me understand that the key to good health is a holistic approach. Also, knowledge and customized solutions have been enormously helpful. Seeing noticeable benefits manifesting gradually is just so exciting and frankly a huge relief. With good diet, lifestyle and mindfulness I have achieved a healthy body and mind and my insomnia has improved. Thank you Dr. M for your consistent support to help me and others in our journey towards a more healthy and sustainable future”

Jacob reversed his Diabetes

“What may seem impossible is entirely possible. Entrusting my health and life to the brilliant Doctors of Lifestyle Docs has changed my life forever. They managed to save my life. I am optimistic to see the many wonders they can do for others.”

Josh & Andy changed their lives for the better

“Starting a new routine and getting rid of old habits is never easy, but we were determined to do it in a sustainable fashion. Prior to this program we had tried and failed at low carb diets, intermittent fasting and others. It wasn’t until we started with Dr. M that we learned that shedding the extra pounds would be a consequence of developing healthy eating habits, and that we could stop worrying about counting calories. We learned so much in a short period of time and changed our perspectives on life and the choices we made. Meditation helped us be more aware and conscious of our decisions and emotions, exercise became a stress reliever, and healthy food choices helped us no longer feel bloated, fatigued, or hungry. At the same time, we still lost weight even though it was no longer the focus. Thank you Dr. M for helping us change our lives for the better! “

To learn more about our medical weight loss and disease reversal programs email us at admin@lifestyledocs.com OR schedule your free consult by clicking on the button below.

Lifestyle Docs, Drs. Bandana and Munish Chawla are      WFPB Certified


Important Covid-19 Update

We are continuing to monitor updates from the CDC. We are committed to your health and will remain open for routine check-ups and yearly physicals. All patients that come to clinic must follow the Lifestyle Docs Covid-19 Policies. Click Covid-19 Updates for the latest updates from Lifestyle Docs.

NOTE: At this time, we will NOT be seeing patients with cough, fever and other flu like symptoms at the clinic but we will continue to see them via Telemedicine.

If you are an established patient with Lifestyle Docs, Please, click Schedule Now for an In-Clinic or Online appointment with Dr. Bandana Chawla.                                      For new patients, click this link: New Patient