Mother Earth

This is perhaps a coincidence that Mother’s Day this year is on the same day as our biweekly blog posting. In either case it seemed fitting to do this blog as a tribute to all the mothers with a special appreciation to the mother that is common to all of the wondrous creatures that inhabit this earth, Mother Earth.

Similar to our own mothers, Mother Earth provides for our every need. The amazing assortment of vegetables, fruits, grains, nuts and seeds are an expression of her love and generosity. These foods nourish our body, mind and spirit. The bounty of vitamins, minerals, and phytochemicals keep not just our body healthy and strong, but provide nutrients that are crucial for our mental health. And, when we are out in nature, in our Mother’s lap, our spirit is rejuvenated and we feel a connection with her and with all life on earth.

Through modern science and through eons of research we know the healthful properties of the various vitamins and phytonutrients when they come from whole plant foods. We are aware of the antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and anticancer properties of the various plants. We know the healing power of everyday foods, of herbs and spices, and how they promote health and fight disease. And, all too often we’re learning that vitamin supplements can harm our health, even increase our risk for cancer.

Question naturally arises, how can we possibly thank Mother Earth for sustaining us and the amazing web of life that is crucial for our survival. The forests, rivers and streams don’t need us nearly as much as we need them. The devastating effects of industrial agriculture with its emphasis on monocropping, use of artificial fertilizers and pesticides are becoming all too clear. We are also learning the benefits of sustainable and regenerative agriculture. Embracing and championing the “new” techniques which work with nature and are not injurious to Mother Earth, not injurious to the various other creatures on this planet and not injurious to us, we think, would be a good start in showing our appreciation for our Mother.

Often times, we feel powerless and dejected with all that is wrong in this world and our limited ability to do anything to remedy it. On this Mother’s Day, we want to remind our readers, that each one of you has tremendous power in healing our world by making educated and compassionate food choices. Simple act of eating, that most of us do three times a day, can be an act(or a revolution) which thanks our Mother, heals our world and heals us physically, mentally and spiritually.

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