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Thanks so much for your patronage to Plant Powered Physicians. We have outgrown our previous website and are launching our new website today to bring you more robust content and resources.


We will continue to post educational blogs on Nutrition/health and mindfulness biweekly or monthly as before. But the new website will have added features such as Recipe of the Month, Videos and other useful resources.


If you subscribed to our blog on Plant Powered Physicians, we have done our best to import your email to the new website. You will soon receive an email which will ask you to confirm your subscription to the blogs from the new website, Embee Plant Physicians. Please click on the “Confirm Follow” button and you should continue to get the blogs without interruption.


If you are new to Embee Plant Physicians, and want to receive informative blogs and yummy plant based recipes,  please, click on the Subscribe tab on our website. You will get an email which will ask you to confirm your request. Please, click on the “Confirm Follow” button on this email and you are all set.


For any issues or concerns, please, contact us at [email protected]

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